Thursday, April 10, 2008

Immaturity and The Trinity

The Holy Trinity
from a Book of Hours

Christianity, and the Christian journey, is full of "coincidences".The cross which I have inherited from my Mothers side of the family is a Cross Botonnee. I am unsure on how far back it goes, but at least a few generations.

I bought a book this week Symbols of the Church, which explained this type of Cross symbolises the young, or immature Christian. Upon finding a picture to illustrate this type of decoration, I read that:

Cross Botonnee (or Budded): This Cross received its name because the points appear to be capped with what appears to be a tree bud. The three-fold points (Trefoil) stand for the Holy Trinity.

Both explanations make sense; both on a theological and symbolical level.
The intruiging thing here, and the point of this bit, is that this week is the first time I have ever known anything about the symbolism of my Cross, and the first time I have really considered the Trinity. Of course I have thought about it, but never spent time really considered the concept.

To summarize:
something I have wanted to know (Cross decoration),
was found to symbolize something appropriate (immature Christian).
On further research,
the decoration actually ends up meaning what I had been studying during the week (The Holy Trinity).

Moreover, the concept of Christian immaturity is in itself an explanation of why I have haven't considered the concept of the Holy Trinity before: it was too earlier before now.

But why now?
The last week has been one of deep spiritual movement.
One of Sensing God more ambiently, yet more acutely.
It was been a tumultuous time emotionally as a result.

In a time of crisis, faith is tested unconsciously.
New elements are introduced and they only need to be noticed.

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