Thursday, April 16, 2009

Upside Down

Jacob's Ladder
William Blake

All this ascending and descending stuff has really gotten me thinking.

If in Jacob's vision, the ladder is actually Jacob, why would Jesus need to do the same? Didn't it work first time?
Maybe the ladder is actually Israel? 
What are the angels actually doing? Isn't a ladder enough to get to the heavenly realms?

The amount of Rabbinical interpretation I have been reading has really confused the issue for me. Here I was thinking it was only a precursor to Jesus. Oy vey! 

A Christian interpretation of the passage definately finds it's ultimate interpretation in John 1:51. Jesus is definately alluding to Jacob's vision when he says this. But what does he mean?

The Jewish interpretations run from the ladder representing history, or in particular, the history of the Jews. Others see it as something especially for Jacob.

I have to admit, I am still working through my own meaning: but I am certain (if one can be certain in exegesis) that it is about unity with God, and the way to achieve union.

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