Monday, March 8, 2010

Saint Perpetua

Saint Perpetua
Christopher Orczy

The blessed Saturus related this his vision, which he himself committed to writing: — " We had suffered," says he, "and

We were gone forth from the flesh,
and we were beginning to be borne by four angels into the east;
and their hands touched us not.

And we floated not supine,
looking upwards,
but as if ascending a gentle slope.

And being set free,
we at length saw the first boundless light;
and I said,
'Perpetua, this is what the Lord promised to us;
we have received the promise.'

And while we are borne by those same four angels,
there appears to us a vast space which was like a pleasure-garden,
having rose-trees and every kind of flower.
And the height of the trees was after the measure of a cypress,
and their leaves were falling incessantly.
Moreover, there in the pleasure-garden four other angels appeared,
brighter than the previous ones.

And those four angels who bore us,
being greatly afraid,
put us down;
and we passed over on foot the space of a furlong in a broad path.

And we came near to place,
the walls of which were such as if they were built of light;
and before the gate of that place stood four angels,
who clothed those who entered with white robes.

And being clothed,
we entered and saw the boundless light,
and heard the united voice of some who said without ceasing,
‘Holy! Holy! Holy!'

And I said,
'Perpetua, you have what you wish.'
And she said to me,
'Thanks be to God,
that joyous as I was in the flesh,
I am now more joyous here.'

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