Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cathedral Vision

I was told about the Christchurch earthquake while I was at a clergy development day. We were hearing a lecture on Matthew's Gospel.

The priest at the church where I am a student is also from Christchurch. At a bit after 10:30 he came over and told me what had happened. All he knew was that there had been an earthquake in Christchurch, the Cathedral was ruined and there were fatalities.

When he said this, I had a vision, which I have attempted to draw above. It was of the front of the Cathedral and all about was red. What the image doesn't have is the feeling that accompanied it. It was an empty pit, a vast hollowness. It is very had to describe.

I left the room and tried to contact my brother and mother. I couldn't get hold of them. I rang my wife and asked her to try to contact them. I wandered around outside in a sort of daze, having no idea of what was happening back home.

My wife texted me with a message that said "I think I should come and get you." This sounded like very bad news. My first thought was that my mother had been killed. I started to think about my brother, his wife and three kids. My friends started to pop into my head.

Sarah came and picked me up, and we drove back to our house. The news on the car radio said they had pulled out of the rubble. There would be many fatalities. I broke down.

Since then I have been in contact with so many people. My mother was fine, and my brother and his family are ok too. I have had contact with most of my friends, and they are ok too. There are a few not accounted for as yet.

The last few days have been completely surreal. I wish I was back home with my family and friends. There is nothing I would like to do more than have a cuppa with them.


Jen said...

When my heart is heavy for those who are far away, I've started a tradition of making a cup of tea (usually whatever kind I would have enjoyed with them if they were present - their favorite) and slowly sipping it as I calm my heart to think of them and pray for them.

orczy said...

Thanks for commenting Jen. It is painful when those we love are not close. I have spent a lot more time on the phone with my family since the earthquake. Initially it was talk about how dreadful everything is there. But now that is only a small part of the conversation. We talk about all sorts of stuff, and often about philosophy, theology, but always with a cup of tea.

ozark ken said...

Sorry Chris I had not checked your blog for a few months and did not realize this news was your own native land. I hope all turned out well for those you know there.
Not to get spooky but I believe there is something holy and special about a place that has been dedicated to God. Like the bones of the prophet that brought others back to life God's presence has hovered there to such an extent it is in the very fiber of the place. Such destruction is a kind of death, but life still exists and I pray will continue to flow from it.