Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tongues of Fire


I took this photo on Monday.
I have noticed before the way the 12 o'clock sun goes through a section of the stained glass,
a red hits the door that is so vibrant and glowing. I noticed on Friday during the service, but it had disappeared by the end. I used my phone camera.

When I started to work with the photo at home, the above came out quite quickly, but the red has lost it's vibrance, but it has gained shape. The surrounding lights only appeared after I darkened the image.

Here is the unaltered photo:

12 pm Monday 9th May 2008
Chapel, St John the Evangelist, Dee Why

It wasn't until I looked at this again that I noticed the hooded figure in red with arms outstretched in the bottom left corner. Wow!
And suddenly there came from heaven a sound as of the rushing of a mighty wind,
and it filled all the house where they were sitting.
And there appeared unto them tongues parting asunder,
like as of fire;
and it sat upon each one of them.
And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit
Acts 2:2-4 RV


Holy Famoley said...

Thanks for dropping by Christopher. That's a really interesting picture. Did it just happen by chance?

orczy said...

Yeah, completely by chance. Pretty cool, eh!
I took some more this morning before Mass, so I'm hoping for some blue.