Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wonderous Stories

Going for the One

Here is the video and lyrics for Wonderous Stories by Yes.

What a wonderful song.
I remember at the age of 15 first hearing it. I really liked it, it was a song that would end up on comp tapes for my walkman.
I certainly understood it as being a spiritual song, although I had no idea what it was really about.
Listening now, I can feel that young idealism, and it makes me think of what I thought it would be possible to achieve.
As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky
I have always understood it as spiritual, but I now hear (know here) it as Christian. Nothing overt: there is no mention of Jesus or even God in the song. I guess that my interpretation of how the song feels is based on whereabouts I am.

Music is an amazing restorer of unknown memories. A song listened to with definite repetition, then ignored for years, then relistened, will give the previous listening period a significance that one could not have been aware of at the time. It is like getting a non intellectual chance at remembering something.

I also like the fact that Jon misspelled "wondrous".

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