Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jesus the Socialist

Johan Christoph Weigel

sell whatsoever thou hast,
and give to the poor,
and thou shalt have treasure in heaven:
and come,
follow me.
Mark 10:21 RV

One of the things that I found so attractive about Chrtistianity initially was Jesus inherent Socialism.

It was even more attractive when I found that the tradition I had been drawn to, also has a strong sense of this true meaning of Jesus' teachings: Anglo Catholic Socialism

I believe this to be one of the keys of the future for Christianity. Many people in Western society are tired of materialism. Capitalism has failed more people than it has succeeded for. This ratio of have and have not is implicit within it's laws. Many of these same people feel betrayed by consumerism's false hope. Our society steamrolls ahead, advertising screaming at us to buy such and such, more colours, volume, disposable useless rubbish. It makes me physically sick. Like eating too much.

While those of us who have had the chance to partake in this spend and credit fest may regeret our actions, like a drunk with a hangover, there are many who have been exploited so we could experience it. There are many who can not conceive that we live like this, while their society struggles for basics.

I thought about this as I scraped much rice from several plates this evening.

I have never been that consumer driven. I like second hand clothes, books etc. I can't imagine spending $50 on a shirt. I would feel terrible. Yet, I still don't really do enough.

Could I give away all my stuff?

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