Saturday, December 27, 2008

Song of the Year

I have decided that my song of the year is "Goldilox" by Kings X.

Earlier in the year, I went to meeting, but arrived early.

I waited in our chapel until everyone was ready, or the right people were there.

I sat there, with my walkman on. This song was there, a favourite at that time, and still now,

I sat, staring at the large crucifix.

The words weren't about romantic love.

I can't believe summer's almost here
I made it through another year
even if alone
but there's no tears in my eyes
life is still full of surprise
I'm not looking for a one night stand
I stand behind you and I watch you from a mile away
wishing you could be the one but not here this way

I'd like to know your name and
I must know who you are

I look at you and I know who you are
you're just a little bit too far from my home
but please don't get me wrong
even though it has been long
I hope I never sing my last song without someone

I'd like to know your name and
I must know who you are

To me, listening to this song, staring at the face of the crucified Christ, it can only be about discipleship.

I'm almost sure it is about something different. On that night, it was about nothing other than a dialogue between myself and Jesus.

Wonderful stuff.

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