Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a hobby

My wife recently posted this picture of me up on facebook, with the title "an example of my husband's obsessive tendencies.

She may have a point, but as I always retort "it's a hobby".

The hobby consists of downloading, burning and printing Christian music. It started about this time last year, when I was hunting for some progressive rock (a la Yes) but with Christian lyrics.
It has since grown to covering the whole gamut: from nuns and priests to country to folk to Merseybeat to psychedelia to pop. In that time I have collected over 350 albums.

What is happening in the above photo is organising the collection chronologically: 1964-1982.

The piles next to my legs are the UK portion, along with Catholic folk stuff.

What the photo doesn't show is the cataloging of the songs and artists. All songs are sorted into Bible verses or liturgical movements. Where a song is variable with it's verses, it is labelled by the event or person involved. (Interesting note: the two most represented New Testament books are Thessalonians and Revelation. The Second Coming was very topical to young hippie Christians.)

So there you have it. When I am not reading (note books on couch behind me: Albert Schweitzer, Evelyn Underhill, Bernard McGinn. Pauline Mysticism is the topic du jour) I am organising Christian music 1964-82.

It's a hobby. Of sorts.

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