Monday, December 21, 2009

New Blogs

I have set up two new blogs in the past week. That may seem to be a bit over the top, but I have noticed that things are heading in different directions.

The first new one is about Jesus music from the mid 60's to late 7o's. It will consist of compilations, lectionary relevant songs, Mass settings, and bits and bobs about whatever Jesus rock I am into. I also hope to discuss some of the differing theological ideas this music brings up.

The other new one is a bit different. It won't consist of much writing; more images, music, phrases, symbols etc. It is generally based around Christian unblack metal, gothic stuff, and so forth.

There will still be stuff happening here on ...ascending and descending..., but it by moving these two more practical elements away, it leaves this blog for theological and personal reflections.

So there you have it. One blog for being a hippy, the other for being a metalhead. And this one for whatever it is that I normally carry on about.

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