Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Revelation

Along my journey of Jesus music, I have found many gems, and also a fair share of turkeys.

First Revelation are an example of a gem: odd, eclectic and shiny.
The band consisted of Danny Kimer who played all sorts of guitars, banjos, and probably many types of other stringed instruments. His wife, Lynda, sung and played organ and synthesizer. She had a voice like Grace Slick, and Danny played guitar like Jeff Beck and Chet Atkins.

First Revelation recorded three albums. The first was under the name Danny and Lynda, and was called "Gospel".

I have not been able to find this anywhere on the net, so I have no idea what it sounds like, but it is so on my hunt list.

The next album was recorded twice. I have heard the second version of this:

This is a fine album; it has some great stuff on it. The keyboard work is wonderful; a mix of monophonic moog lines and fairgroundlike organ. Lynda's voice is resonant and understated, yet emotional. Danny's guitars are all over the place: fuzz leads, banjo, and some serious smoking lead work. I instantly liked this album. There is something so odd about it. Lynda's keyboards are a bit sloppy, and loose, but so wwonderful and charming. They are in fact the main drawcard for me. Her organ sound is a bit cheesy and loopy, but it just adds to the overall coolness.

A couple of weeks after getting the This Side of Eternity, I went in search of the follow up, with not much luck. Eventually it turned up, and it has been a constant listen since. In many ways it is a better album than the other, a bit more together, more acoustic guitars. Lynda's keyboards are tighter, with a bit more moog work; her voice is richer. Yet, the production is a bit more homey, lo fi. That is not a problem in itself, but just surprising.

The lyrics to both albums are very Christian, no mucking about. The songs are about evangelising more than anything else. This is all fine, and in fact gives the whole vibe an even odder feel. I particularly like their take on "New Jerusalem".

You can find these albums at The Ancient Star Song.

There is much more info about the Kimers here.

When I heard these albums, I had no idea what the Kimers looked like.
When I went to the site that explained their story, I found the above pictures. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my wife looks like Lynda! Yet another reason to love this band.

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