Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glory Road Exit

Glory Road

Over the past six or so months, I have raved on about certain Jesus music albums: Jimmy Hotz, Concrete Rubber Band etc. The one album that has really blown me away is "Exit" by Glory Road.

A wonderful mix of progressive rock and acoustic country folk, with vocal harmonies that CSN would be proud of. It also has some nice touches, like backwards guitars, atmospheric synths, and to top it all off, the lead singer, Greg Williams has a fantastic voice.

The lyrics are very Christian, but not in an evangelical, "come and be a Christian" kind of way. They speak of the Christian experience with a sense of beauty and mystery. Conversion is sung of in terms that are dreamlike and warm. It is really a beautiful album. It is however, a bit patchy. Five of the eight songs are complete stunners however.

I love this album, and would love for it to reach as many people as possible.

Here is a link to download the whole thing: Exit- Glory Road

But before you go ahead and download that, bear in mind:

The sound quality of this transfer is very poor. It might as well be single channel. It is boomy and very unclear.All that being said, it is still manages to get through.

However, joy of joys, yesterday I found another source of mp3's. These are quality, taken from clean vinyl, and the difference is huge. The guitars chime and glisten, the harmonies shimmer, the keyboards create an atmosphere that is mysterious and wondrous. Four of the five aforementioned stunners can be downloaded here from Bernie Rolfe's site:

Please give these songs a listen. This is easily one of my favourite albums, and easily my favourite Jesus Music album.

If you know anything about this band, album, or know what any of the guys are up to, please leave a comment.


yumyab said...

...gregory williams here - happened on this site yesterday - am responding to the GLORY ROAD band excerpt of 6 - 9 - 09...hope to hear a praise report about the BEGINNING REALITIES OF JESUS' GOSPEL - where the relationship w / angels and his KING OF ANGELS status [ including the spirit of satan among the disciples]is ever within HIS commentary TO REVEAL WHAT MANNER OF SPIRIT WE ARE OF - as sponsored by the INNUMERABLE before the throne...oh the profound and silent joy of THE HOST and their leading the annointed ones about - legions - ministering - to the heirs of salvation...SHALL WE NOT RATHER SUBMIT TO THE FATHER OF SPIRITS AND LIVE? Amen in the LIVING ONE -
...feel free to respond - the fruit of the vineyard is ripe - the laborers are few - the ascending and descending maintain the open veil and the distribution of THE HEAVENLY THINGS THEMSELVES...the heirs of salvation SHOULD BE RECEIVING MUCH MORE FROM THE DIVINE TREASURY / THESAURUS which FULNESS THE WORD IS ASESIGNED TO MANIFEST IN FLESH...GREAT IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS...beholding CHRIST - and being held - gregory williams

Unknown said...

I was blessed to see this band play several times as a Jr. High and High School student. They played around the Phoenix area often. They were a part of a ministry called "Hand in Hand." Glory Road played at several churches and local venues, as well as throughout the Southwest. They were the "real deal," very humble, great musicians and excited to share Jesus Christ. Here is a link with more information about this band and the ministry that they were a part of: